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Defining a better experience​

The business recognised that users needed something to help them complete their job after identifying a drop off and non returning visitors. The business felt that giving users content to read and videos to watch would be the answer to their problem. But to get a clear idea of the challenges WCFMC faced and understand the objective, I gathered business requirements and reviewed the current user experience, to better define the problem the business faced.

Original business problem
Users want to see content and video to watch to fill the time it takes for garages to respond to job. 

Current experience after posting a job

Users are faced with a educational piece that is useful, however from recordings we’ve seen that users are confused and try clicking on images which they think are buttons and after realising they can’t go anywhere they leave the site.

Education information on page

Empty job page with no details


Gather business requirements and understand the current user experience.

Create a live user survey to gather user expectations after posting a job.

Take findings further into design concepts and use prototypes to validate our concepts before moving into high fidelity design ready for development.

User research survey from 522 respondents posting a job live on the website.

What are you expecting to see after posting a job?

What information do you need to know before you commit to choosing a garage?

If the job was urgent would you pay to get quotes quicker?

If the job was urgent would you rather?

Redefined business problem
‘Empty’ jobs with no quotes – No quotes left users feeling lost or feeling that the service isn’t working. 

It became clear that users expectations weren’t clearly set, which left users at a dead end after posting a job, making customers feel like they could not trust the service and the jobs were left in complete. Research started to show that when users get to this page is that users wanted:

    1. To see instant quotes
    2. To see garages nearby
    3. To ask other garages to quote


The responsive web solution was created to show users which garages are currently quoting on their job and allow users to view other local garages for additional quotes.

Redesigned experience

• Reviewing the results showed us that more users had booked jobs
• Further iterations and ideas were added to the client backlog for future improvements.
Following on the v1 build we continued to measure and optimise the experience and further refine the feature with new enhancements for booking jobs and calendar system for both the customer and garage.

Role Working with WCFMC as a product design consultant on a project by project basis. Working together to better define business goals and scale down expectations into smaller product experiments, using an iterative approach and taking a more cost effective approach.


increase in the number of jobs accepted between November 2016 and January 2017

“ has been judged one of the ‘most disruptive’ businesses in the UK”

Backed by Active Equity Partners

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I encourage a hypothesis-driven approach and the use of lean experiment maps to guide decisions, measure impact, learn and define next steps to demonstrate success.

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